GOBY™ Lounge Chairs


According to Wikipedia, GOBY “are fishes of the family Gobiidae.” Gobi is also a desert within China and Mongolia. Neither one inspired the name of this collection, but we regress and present to you this series of commercial tables and chairs that embody organic simplicity. This series of indoor and outdoor furniture with a curvaceous signature shape has interplay of concavity and convexity, bringing optimal comfort and a revitalizing pop of color to any space. We have upped the style quotient by having a single tone version or adding a secondary color to the front interior.

To view our fabric choices, click the Stinson link below.


Please use the swatches below to select your colors. For a single color product, select the same main and inset color swatch. For two-tone, first select your main color, then your inset.


Tonik Mixer

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44 x 31.33 x 29.5 in


38 lbs