The Design

While it may appear simple at first glance, Super Chair is far from your average chair. Super Chair is a nestable monobloc chair, distinguished by its flowing form bound by its rectangular outline. It’s extremely lightweight, deceptively strong and designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Watch how the Super Chair concept was created using VR.

Watch how the Super Chair concept was created using VR.

Explore the Shades of Possibility

Super Chair is available in 7 distinct color options: black, gray, white, leather, amaranth, mustard and blue.


Each chair is treated with a SILKY® finish for a matte and soft-touch effect. Choose your favorite or mix and match several color options – the possibilities are endless!


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Everywhere A Chair Is Needed

Intended for the retail and contract market, Super Chair presents itself as a versatile option for a variety of environments. It’s an ideal seating solution for dining rooms, living rooms, board rooms, restaurants, event venues and, well, everywhere a chair is needed! Additionally, Super Chair is tested and certified as weather resistant, making it a safe option for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Simple & Memorable

After countless hours of testing, tweaking, and even more testing, designer Nicholas Baker was able develop a design that was unique enough to be instantly recognizable, but also simple enough to be memorable. Baker was able to model the chair efficiently and accurately through the use of VR technology and Gravity Sketch software. There are many “S” style chairs, but the addition of a diagonal line through the profile of the chairs adds a unique dynamism only achieved with Super Chair.

Super Sustainability

Super Chair is made from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene using the patented RE-LIFE® technology to obtain raw material from the recycling of offcuts and industrial waste without use of fossil resources. This technology makes it possible to create environmentally friendly products that not only do not use new fossil resources but instead repurpose scraps and industrial waste, reprocessing them into raw materials. Plus, Super Chair’s nestable design makes it possible to ship more units in each box, reducing the amount of packaging required and lowering transportation emissions.