The Problem

There are untold amounts of plastic on a journey through our waterways on their way to the ocean as we speak. The trash heading to the sea is an unfortunate reality that we all know and understand, especially at Tonik, where we create highly durable polymer furniture.

Water Sustains Life

Historically, this simple fact is why populations center near rivers, lakes, and especially oceans. These coastlines are just a minor fraction of the global landmass but are home to billions of people who rely on the sea for their livelihood.

Re-routing Ocean Bound Plastic

Addressing the challenge means starting with stopping plastics on their way to the oceans. By buying ocean-bound plastic for use in Tonik products, we are helping spur demand and re-route the fate of hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash for use in furniture.

Recycled and Recyclable

Tonik Tough Furniture helps to create fun and energetic spaces. The fun and funky pieces are not only made from ocean-bound plastic, but they are additionally recyclable. Ocean-bound plastic in Tonik furniture makes our spaces look great, and our conscience feel good.

Viability in Our Vibrant Products

Tonik Furniture is continually seeking sustainability in every way we impact our environment and communities. Our newly-built LEED Gold manufacturing facility is an ambitious effort to minimize our environmental impact, from solar power that produces the approximate equivalent of 90% of our electricity usage to watershed conservation systems to protect the nearby prairie ecosystem. When choosing furniture for your next project, place your trust in sustainable, American products. Place your trust in Tonik.


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