Meet Tonik: A new American-made hospitality furniture brand

Tonik is a designer collective and our inaugural collection is designed by Karim Rashid, whom Time Magazine calls “the most famous industrial designer in the Americas.” Karim is a prolific, award-winning designer keenly tuned into the vibe of today’s aesthetics.  We are excited to partner with Karim on exclusive designs that combine hip and funky with comfort and casual. At Tonik, our goal is to push the conventional design culture of everyday spaces and transform them into something astonishing.  Our furniture is designed not only as conversation pieces; but pieces on which to hold conversation.

Tonik embodies the American spirit: we come from different backgrounds, we relish deep discussions of differing opinions that bring us closer together, we work hard with a can-do attitude, and we care about being good stewards to our next generations. And we do it in comfort and style.