Tonik Once Again to Showcase Design-Forward Furniture at HD Expo May 15-17

Tonik, an American-made brand of furniture that pushes boundaries, connects people and sets the scene for life’s best moments, will once again showcase its whimsical and design-forward products at HD Expo 2019 in Las Vegas.

It will be the company’s third year at the event. In fact, the company was launched at the expo in 2017, showcasing its inaugural series of products that was designed by world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid.

“Our first product offerings still resonate with the hospitality design community. That’s apparent from the places our furniture goes and the reaction from those who interact with it,” Stephanie Suiter, Tonik Product Manager, said. “But Tonik continues to push the envelope, and our new products are just as innovative and are part of the evolution that is Tonik.”

Tonik is designed on the belief that furniture is more than inanimate objects placed in environments. In fact, the company believes that furniture can create experiences, transcend boundaries and bridge relationships.

“That’s how we look at our furniture. We are constantly pushing ourselves to create products that elevate the 15 minutes or two hours or however long people interact with our creations,” Suiter said.

Visitors to the booth will also get to meet Dottie, Tonik’s playful abstraction of a sheep that exudes character and friendliness. Its soft, bulbous puffs and bright, outgoing colors make it the ideal conversation piece. Dottie is whimsical and serves as a symbol of Tonik and the company’s guiding principles of inclusiveness, connectivity and play.

“Everyone loves Dottie,” Suiter said. “She’s more than just a mascot. She’s a full-blown icon.”

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, Tonik products are:


Tonik furniture comes out of the mold as one continuous shape that withstands a LOT of weight — often more than 500 pounds.


Tonik uses fully-compounded color, meaning you won’t see any spots or stripes of un-mixed pigment in a product. Tonik materials are also UV- and fade-resistant.


Every Tonik product is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for indoor and outdoor use and is FDA-approved for use around food environments.

Easy to Clean

Chemically resistant to chlorine, bleach and salt solutions, Tonik makes furniture that’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use for years.


Most Tonik furniture can be weighted, secured and illuminated. Some products like the Riptide collection also offer USB ports and modular assembly options.


Tonik stands behind its furniture with a five-year limited replacement warranty. It also offers a one-year warranty on its lighting elements and electronics.

Products that will be on display at the Tonik booth include:

Goby™ – This series of indoor and outdoor furniture with a curvaceous signature shape has interplay of concavity and convexity, bringing optimal comfort and a revitalizing pop of color to any space. We have upped the style quotient by having a single tone version or adding a secondary color to the front interior.

Riptide™ – This modular furniture seating system composed of three primary shapes is capable of endless configurations and is made especially for hospitality and other commercial environments. Once configured, RIPTIDE pieces can be kept together with optional ganging plates and come equipped with optional USB ports to charge digital devices when using the product indoors.

Jux™ – Truly elegant hospitality furniture, our interpretation of bar sets and seating features stretched and continuous shapes that are folded and flared. Deceptively simple at first glance, our JUX™ commercial tables and chairs contain great complexity.

Corky – Corky is our champagne cork-inspired stool that will make you feel all bubbly inside. It’s a simple yet elegant little perch that goes perfectly with friends and your favorite beverage. It’s the epitome of Tonik’s philosophy of work hard but play harder.

Dimple™ – Built with modularity in mind, Dimple is a multi-use marvel that will have you grinning. Flipped on one side, it’s a playfully-shaped stool. Flipped to another it becomes the perfect planter. Better still: its concave dimples can create connected rows that will shape and define even the most open spaces.

Swizzle™ Planters – Swizzle planters make a big statement indoors or out and feature drainage to ensure that your foliage stays fresh. Its solid, one-piece construction is sturdy enough for plants of all sizes, and optional ballasting makes sure that everything stays stable.

Visit HD Expo Booth 3375 to learn more about Tonik and to see a wide variety of the company’s spirited products.