The Psychology of Orange

If you’ve checked in on our Instagram feed, you may have noticed the outrageous amounts of orange outdoor furniture. It’s no secret our designers love to add a splash of warm, fiery color to indoor and outdoor environments. Studies have shown that colors carry psychological and physiological reactions. So what exactly is it about the Tonik take on orange (Tangerine) that we love so much? Let’s explore the psychology of orange…

It is commonly known that red is one of the most evocative colors. Descriptions of psychological response to red range from “angry and domineering” to “exciting and high-energy.” However, mellowing red out with some joyous and radiant yellow brings us to that color we love; orange. Many agree that the color orange represents the sum of its parts; energy, stimulation, happiness, and cheerfulness. It produces a gut feeling that and elicits a response, which is why we love it so much.

Orange Outdoors

Orange is a natural color but not nearly as abundant as greens, browns, and blues. This is precisely why designers love Tonik Tangerine so much outside. Orange belongs outside but stands out just enough to say, “Hey, look at me”! Being outdoors is known to be invigorating and sparks creativity. Orange, as a color by itself, does exactly that as well. Together, you can create truly inspiring spaces built for both individuals and groups that elicit creative and spontaneous thoughts. Landscape designers use outdoor Tangerine Tonik furniture as focal points. It is hard to argue that a Tangerine Goby doesn’t immediately demand attention. Focalization gives a design a sense of purpose and order, without which a landscape is just a careless collection of plants and other objects (or space). Tonik Tangerine is a go-to tool for designers when they need that funky pop of color to say to the audience, “Hey, over here”!

Orange Indoors

It’s unsurprising to learn that orange is one of the most common school identity colors next to red and blue. Orange is known to foster encouragement, motivation, and drive. Since orange’s big brother is red, it can increase our competition levels and make us feel physically stronger without the crimson concerns. Schools adorn their hallways with orange and fly the color proudly at pep-rallies to stoke enthusiasm and pride. Designers know the emotional response orange creates and use it to foster excitement. The happiness and cheerfulness orange provides indoors is perfect when we cannot be in nature. At a time when humans didn’t have the luxury of artificial light, orange glows from a wood fire, or candle gave us warmth and relaxation when the sun was down. Psychiatry experts in Norway are even using orange light as an experimental therapy to reduce the need for medications.

Orange Anywhere

The best news about Tonik Tangerine’s furniture is that it can go just about anywhere. Tonik premium TruColor technology ensures that your Tangerine colors stay sunny bright, even if scratched. Tonik rotomolded furniture is super easy to clean, even with heavy-duty cleaners such as bleach as a disinfectant. Pairing indoor Tonik furniture with carefully selected fabric padding can offer limitless combinations to suit any area. The next time you’re looking for a creative pop of color, think Tonik Tangerine.