Is your space “Instagrammable”?

We know that Millennials are prioritizing experiences over stuff.  This shift is bad news for retailers such as the recently shuttered Aeropostale, but great for businesses that offer atmospheres such as hospitality and multi-unit housing.  At Tonik, we describe these atmospheres that provide experience as “Instagrammable.”

Urban Dictionary: Instagrammable – Worth putting on Instagram.

So how do you create an “Instagrammable” space?  Let’s take a lesson from Wonder Bar in Austin, Tx.

Wonder Bar in Austin exists around the concept of “Instagrammable” space.  This unique space creates an experience that younger generations go out of their way to seek.  Wonder Bar features a dazzling array of shapes, colors, bling, and of course, Tonik furniture.  Sure, the food and drinks are great, but that picture on social media is why they come, stay, and play.

It doesn’t take floor-to-ceiling dazzle to create these experiences, however.  A strategically placed array of furniture and lights can produce the same effect.  Take note of Tonik illuminated Swizzle planters and lamps.  Unremarkable spaces instantly transform with unique colors and shapes.



Are you ready to make your space “Instagrammable”?  Check out our line of funky furniture that will create the space that demands selfies.  Whether it be a fun multi-unit housing space, outdoor, or restaurant furniture, Tonik will fit the bill to make the space.

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