Karim Rashid


Chances are you’ve seen Karim Rashid’s work. As popular as he is prolific, Karim has more than 3,000 designs brightening up the world, earning him nearly 300 awards in the process. He infuses his work with the kind of playful energy that we find irresistible, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Karim’s list of bona fides is extensive, including designing luxury goods for Veuve Clicquot; exquisite lighting for Artemide; high-tech products for Asus; iconic graphics for Citibank; and award-winning packaging for Method, Paris Baguette, Kenzo, and eos.

Karim Rashid

Beyond products, Karim’s influence expands into interiors, environments, and exhibitions, including designing the Universita Metro Station in Naples and countless concept spaces for clients like Deutsche Bank, PepsiCo, and Audi.

A cultural influence in addition to his design work, Karim is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences globally, aspiring to change the world by making design a public subject. This work extends into his hobbies as well, where he pushes boundaries in art, fashion, and music.

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